Numeracy 2014

I am learning to:
  • find a half(1/2) and a quarter(1/4) of shape.

I am learning to:

  • count backwards from 20
  • skip count in 2s, 5s & 10s

Learning to Read 2014

Term 1
                             Buddy Reading

Term 2
Visiting the Library

Term 3
What do good readers do?
I am a good reader because I look in the tricky words for little words so I know what words they are, and I sound out the words. I skip words and read them again.

Term 4
Anaru reading while Kevin was videoing

Term 4 Writing

I am learning to:
  • Write lots of ideas

Teacher Comment
Anaru, you are a good writer. You can write lots of fast words and most of the sounds for the words you use in your stories. You can write stories that include many ideas and your next step is to include these ideas without the teacher reminding you and checking that you have.